Vegetable Monsoon

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Till 2nd Sept 2017

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New Farmguru Special Vegatable Monsoon Campaign has a basket of 6 essential Crop Protection and Nutrtion products for your current crop. 
New campaign products include Bavistin, a broad spectrum systemic fungicide; Amistar Top,a broad spectrum fungicide which controls Downy Mildew & Powdery Mildew.
Insecticides Taffin & Profex Super controls many sucking and chewing pests, providing fast knockdown and long-lasting control. 
Isabion our very popular PGR make the latest basket offering from Farmguru a must-buy!

Farmguru uses its expertise to put together a list of the best products for vegetable growers.

 Enjoy unique Farmguru benefits:

Up to 21 % discount on MRP
100% original products
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