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Valid till 31st July 2016

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Approximately 7,000 plant species are estimated to be used for human consumption. Many of these crops are grown in India, which has the potential to become a major producer of biotech vegetables.

It is estimated that by 2050, India’s population will exceed 1.6 billion, up from 1.3 billion in 2016. This means farmers will need to produce 40 per cent more food on less land than ever before. Across the globe, this increased demand for food, together with demand from competing uses, has been placing unprecedented pressure on many agricultural production systems.

Over 55 per cent of the net sown area in India lacks irrigation facilities and hence, farmers rely wholly on rain water for crop growth. The need of the hour is to liberate agriculture from the clutches of climate change and to utilise biotechnology to meet the growing food needs. India’s food security depends on producing more fruits and vegetables to meet the demands of a growing population with rising incomes. To achieve this, farmers have adopted the use of high-yielding Hybrid seeds from well known companies. Farmguru brings the best of these seeds to the market with the convenience of ordering from the mobile phone and getting delivery at their doorsteps.

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