Farmguru Special Campaign

special campaign

Till 10th  February 2016

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New Farmguru Special Campaign has a basket of 9 essential Crop Protection and Nutrtion products for your current crop. New campaign products include Lihocin, a growth retardent used for conversion of extra vegetative growth into reproductive growth; Amistar, a systemic fungicide which controls Downy Mildew in bulb onions; and Humicil, a granular formulation based on humic acid to improve oxygen absorption in plant tissues, and to increase calcium and phosphorus uptake.

Ridomil Gold, Antracol and CabrioTop are broad-spectrum fungicides for protection against regular mildew, powdery mildew and gray mold. Insecticide Actara controls many sucking and chewing pests, providing fast knockdown and long-lasting control. Isabion and Zymegold Plus, our very popular PGR's, make the latest basket offering from Farmguru a must-buy!


Enjoy unique Farmguru benefits:

  • up to 35% discount on MRP 
  • Easy-to-order
  • Free Delivery
  • 100% original products