Pomo Plus Campaign

Pomo Plus

Till 20th  February 2016

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Maharashtra is the leading producer of pomegranate in India. Farmguru has a group of 8 products for its farmers to be used on pomegranate, tomato, and onion crop as well. Following are the product details:
Tracer insect control, based on the active ingredient Spinosad, possesses the effectiveness of conventional insecticide and the safety of biologicals. Cannon is useful in controlling sucking pests and caterpillars. Nuvan is a popular insecticide for overall insect control. Antracol is a contact fungicide with preventive action, for the control of onion downy mildew. Ridomil Gold targets diseases caused by Oomycetes fungi in fruit and vegetable crops. Cabrio Top is a broad-spectrum fungicide for simultaneous protection against regular mildew, powdery mildew and gray mould. Humicil increases the uptake and absorption of nutrients by leaves andimproving yield in crops. Zymegold Plus is a PGR from Godrej for overall growth of you crop. 

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