Grape Super Campaign

Till date 10 October 2015


100%total progress

The biggest concern for all grape farmers is the infection of young grape clusters. The most effective means of disease control in grape vines is preventative fungicides and insecticides treatment. Fungal diseases like Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew and Black Rot, when left untreated, can destroy an entire grape crop. Although it is much easier to correct and control damage caused by insects than that caused by fungal diseases;  the most damaging insects are those that feed on fruit because the resulting rot can spread throughout the entire cluster. 

Taking into account the current crop stage and changing weather conditions, Farmguru has brought together the best of Integrated Pest Management products which have both contact and systemic activity to provide complete plant protection. 

Order your farm inputs from us and experience the FarmGuru advantage!


Sr. No Product Name Company Name SKU MRP Offer Price Discount
1 Revus Syngenta 1 ltr 5640 4380 22%
2 xxxxxx xxxxx 1 kg 2751 2230 19%
3 xxxxxxx xxxxxx 1200 gm 1968 1395 29%
4 Karate Syngenta 1 ltr 770 550 29%
5 Nuvan Insecticide India 1 ltr 650 495 24%
6 Isabion Syngenta 1 ltr 1430 895 37%
      Total 13209 9945 27%
      Basket Price 13209 9700 25%